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Shes In Minks



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Introducing "Baddie" from our exclusive Silk Lashes collection by Shes In Minks. Elevate your gaze with these stunning 25mm lashes, designed to make a dramatic statement for all your glamorous makeup looks. Crafted from high-quality silk, these lashes are incredibly soft, comfortable, and deliver a natural yet breathtakingly bold appearance.

'Baddie' isn't just a lash; it's a luxury experience. Washable and reusable over 25 times, it maintains its allure, with a beautiful curl that lasts for up to a year. This pair of 'Baddie' is a testament to our commitment to custom design and unmatched quality.

Complete your transformation with our Minkbabe Lash Wand and Catwoman Magic Eyeliner for a look that's utterly irresistible. When you want to captivate the room and make a lasting impression, turn to 'Baddie' 25mm Silk Lashes by Shes In Minks. Elevate your lash game today.

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