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Shes In Minks



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Introducing "Big Purr" from our exclusive Silk Lash Collection. Prepare to make a statement with these Real Mink Luxury Designed 25mm Lashes that take your glam game to the next level.

"Big Purr" is all about drama and flair, delivering an extra-long and flirty look that's perfect for your most glamorous makeup moments. Crafted from high-quality mink hair, these lashes offer a luxurious, soft, and comfortable feel while maintaining a natural appearance.

Not only are they a stunning addition to your beauty routine, but "Big Purr" lashes are also incredibly practical. They're washable and reusable up to 25+ times, making them a sustainable choice for beauty enthusiasts.

Experience the magic of "Big Purr" lashes, custom-designed by Shes In Minks to provide that dramatic curl that lasts for up to a year. Each set includes a pair of Mink Lashes - 25MM, and for best results, pair them with Shes In Minks Wand and Shes In Minks Luxury Eyeliner. Elevate your beauty game with "Big Purr" and embrace the allure of luxury.


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